Sunday, July 06, 2008

July Vegas/Laughlin Trip Report

Ok, so I started out for Vegas with an excitement burning in my gut to play some tournaments. Rarely do I get pumped for a tournament however with WSOP in the air I was finaly feeling it and decided to get serious about my tournament game.

My first stop was check-in at the Bellagio where I nearly had a major BF waiting in line to check in, Any line that consists of more than 5 min of waiting around sends me into immediate life tilt! Anywho, upon getting my room keys I headed directly to the poker room rolling bag in hand with no intentions to play but merely check out the games and faces in the room. To my happy surprise the games looked very good, My usual Omaha $30/60 game looked typical with a few familiar faces mixed in with the 60 something nit/donk. What looked to be the best game going was the $30/60 LHE tables, Rush upstairs with bag drop it off and head back down stairs……
A quick 12 minutes after registering for the $30/60 LHE I was seated at a table, There was some confusion as to whether this was a must move table however I cared very little as all the tables looked juicy and ripe. The play was absolutley terrible in this game, allot of PF limping from the early seats with over-aggressive players to my right, SWEET! After my first hour I am stuck a nifty $400 after getting rundown in 3 pots where I held pretty stellar hands but BLAH - I'm still feeeling great when the following hand takes place.

I'm sitting in the CO when 2 players limp and I look down at two of the most gorgeous aces you have ever seen - damn did they shine. I bump and get called by the BB as well as limpy 1 & 2,
Flop comes 6, Q, 9 rainbow - perfect, Mclimpy's check behind BB and I bet out get called only by BB, turn comes 4, BB check, I bet, BB calls - River = 6, BB checks I bet and BB CALLS shows me J,6o WOW, I doubt there has ever been a game better than this one I'm sitting at where the NUTS just calls me on the river…

What would put most players on mega-tilt at this point has just re-confirmed why I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn this morning and drove 5 hours, this is what I came for! this is what I live for!

I get a call from my friend that the Venetian tournament is starting in 40 minutes - "forget tournaments, I'm here to play this game!" somehow the excitement to play tournaments had left my body and was now replaced with my excitement to see the deli menu… 6 hours, 7 cappucino's and 1 hot pastrami sandwich later I'm rolling and now +$2,450.00 / I hate to leave the game however tomorrow is another day, Rack-up thank the players for the action and head up for a shower.

I am back home now - and looking to put in some hours at CAZ's $20/40 LHE games so I will end this here. I will write my day 2 and also my first trip to Laughlin this evening.

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