Thursday, February 26, 2009

Frustration Sets In

Since the end of October it has been my goal to achieve 1st place (profit earned) at Heads-up limit holdem Sng's. I now have no doubts as to my achieving this goal, however frustration has set in.

In my awkward self-deserving mind set I wanted to earn this 1st place ranking at every level starting at the bottom. It has come at a price and that is frustration. At the same time I have to earn a living and if I can't make $6k/month online then I'm forced to play at the local clubs/casinos to which I have become less and less happy about. I know that I have gone back and fourth over the years "am I a live pro or online pro?" I WANT to play only online but I'm being forced to play live :(

I also believe that playing live has been detrimental to my heads-up game, playing 9 handed is so slow - It's amazing how many hands/hour I play online compared to live.

March is going to be proving ground time - My goal is 1,0000 games played by the end of March.

Action has somewhat slowed up for me online in terms of the "regs" being willing to play me. I guess everyone checks Sharkscope these days to determine compitition and to avoid winning players. I see alott more from Sharkscope when evaluting than most people bother too, I will play someone that is a winner but with a low ROI (return on inventment) ratio as usually those are bum-hunters and unable to play against my aggressive style.

PokerParadime has launched a Heads-up Limit holdem bot program that they claim is the "world's best" here is the 2+2 forum thread on it:

At first the program was frustrating to play however like everyone else I play I was able to find a few leaks that made it exploitable. I dont consider this program nearly as dificult to beat as other good human players that I have come across however some people seem to think that it can beat me over 3,000 hands and are wanting to place side bets that I will not beat the program after 3,000 hands - I am trying to get $10,000 in side action and I will face off with "Sonia the Bot" and crush her soul. To date I have played ~1,000 hands against Sonia, I'm not revealing my win-rate however I have stated that I do infact "crush her soul"

My new years resolution is in progress, yet slowly -
- spend more quality time with my family
- play poker exclusively online
- make $200,000 online in '09

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