Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th Update

Been crazy busy these past few months with a ton of work and poker. I am going to try and summarize all this craziness.

First of all, Celebrity Apprentice: complete and utter bullshit! Annie completely DOMINATED is every way, It was not even close. The personal insults not only from Joan Rivers but also the sly remarks from Donald Trump about "well, obviously Annie cannot be trusted" were completely un-called for I mean what does Trump know of Annie other than she kicks everybody's ass at anything business related? He knows she is a succesfull poker player so obviously she's cannot be trusted - are you kidding me?? Watching this show just proves what distane some people have for poker players without even knowing us personly. The conclusions that Rivers, Trump made about poker players really shows a lack of common sense.. And for everybody that is on the "Joan won the last challenge" bandwagon - You cannot get beat so horridly through out many weeks then win one challenge (that some would say was rigged to begin with in favor of rivers)and claim a victory. It's not as if Rivers destroyed Annie in the last challenge anyway - Infact in the fundraising Annie Dominated - Joan got a few extra points on the other points but really - A fundraiser is about EXACTLY that RAISING FUNDS! Annie raised $300k over Rivers so again I call BS!

RoundersReport: The site is growing beyond leaps and bounds, Steady source of news and info posted everyday with fresh content and this all makes me really happy!
The Forum is doing well very well too, We have a solid group of players that really contribute some good stuff. If there is one thing lacking from the site at this moment it is our "strategy" content - we need more articles and videos..
Our first ever FREEROLL got 315 players so it was a complete success!

Poker: Been crushing the Heads-up games on Full Tilt Poker and Cake! my heads-up limit holdem game has really improved over the last 2 months - I was good before but I feel un-stoppable today, I have set my goals very high for 2009 and feel like I'm going to achieve most of what I have set out to! I am getting a bit outraged with the BOTS that are on FTP at the moment - "WackyJacky321" an "fritil" are very possibly bots IMO and need to be shut down sooner than later!

House situation: made 4 offers all of which above asking price and been outbid each time - kinda feels like the real estate market has made a strong comeback from my perspective anyway! Have an offer out there right now - we'll see in a week or so what happens with that..

Denise's new chemo treatments are going very well, very minimil side effects, mostly it just makes her very tired for the first few days afterwards then she feels great again - and her hair will not fall out and of course for her that is a HUGE plus!!

Were planning our first cruise around Jully/August, I am actually really excited as it sounds like alott of fun! Robert and A.J. are super excited as well as they have alott of youth activity's just for kids in their age group - for instance a nightclub from 9pm - 2am where parents are not allowed in - LOL! I have to start thinking about losing 20lbs or so prior so that I can gain it back over the 4 days cruise...

All for now -

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