Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What is a poker bot?

running a poker bot is much like playing chess against pre-programmed software. A poker bot is just that - software programmed by the "programmer".

A bot can only be as good as it's programmer, simply buying the software and having the technology to run a bot does not mean that profit will be earned, in fact you will lose money. Successful operators understand the game ad mathematics behind it - A bot has to take a mathematical approach to the game for obvious reasons. The game that best suits bots is heads-up limit hold'em, This game is at it's core a mathematical game, although several other skill sets in my opinion are crucial to be truly successful at the higher stakes - a purely mathematical approach would crush the novice players.

I have dedicated a great deal of my time and efforts into finding bots and reporting them to the poker site's security department.

Can you beat a bot?

I can (and have) beat many bots - I recognize the characteristics of bots and am able to adjust my approach since I have an understanding of what their programmed strategy is. This however does not suggest that I wish to spend my days battling these bots, they are harder to play against that your average novice.
Bots are a double edged sword - while I may have at best a 5% edge over a bot, I am spending time playing them when I could be playing a game where my edge is closer to 20%. Then there is the other side, the bot is taking money from players that otherwise I would be playing against.

Full Tilt Poker, has done a great job of destroying bots that they found on their site, most recently "WackyJacky321" and "fritil" were destroyed when myself and a few other players reported these accounts for suspicious behavior.

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