Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in the swing…. But down!

After taking the better part of August off I jumped back in and It has not been going well to say the least. I had got to the point where I expected bad things to happen every time i was involved in a large pot. I cannot say that I played my “A Game” but i also am confident that I played well through some terrible beats..

Heads-up poker of any form can be volatile and swingy as hell, It takes a strong nerve and patience to withstand the downswings in order to minimize the effects.  I have decided to switch up my game for the time, I think whenever things are going bad its a good idea to switch to a different game assuming your confident in your ability to beat that game/level.. I have done this often in my career where I find myself no longer enjoying the game I’m playing and when this is true my results do seem to reflect this. I will be focusing more on mix/games and even back to some HU LHE.

And on a side note, My sons have a you tube channel and if they make you laugh please subscribe..

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