Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Card Arrives..

So, I was very impressed first with the letter (an actual letter sent by mail) that FTP sent me about a month ago letting me know that I had qualified for their new reward program. Then FedEx rings my bell and delivers my black card, This was presented in a very nice presentation box and this thing is an actual steel card - pretty flippin awesome! not very convenient to carry in ones wallet but why would you anyway? :)

Aside from the coolness of the card and presentation I've not seen anything from this "reward" system that actually makes me feel.... well.... rewarded!

I was excited to see the bonus packages but sadly once you purchase the bonus with points you then have to earn the bonus... I thought I already earned it?

There is plenty of banter going on in the 2+2 thread with everyone voicing their own frustrations and I'm quite sure that FTP will listen to its members and fine tune this reward system but probably not in the time frame we all want.. Here are the pics I took when I received my hunk of metal..

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