Monday, August 31, 2009

Update and an awesome song..

Busy weeks, been playing more lately and trying to get 200 heads-up games/week in. It's very hard to actaully do this and much easier to say. Playing 9 or even 6 man games is by far easier when it comes to hitting volume when having the ability to play 6-8 tables. I have always played mutiple tables of heads-up but i just feel like my game suffer at more than 2 tables..

I now have two (protage's, if you will) that I am working with at heads-up limit hold'em. I am looking foward to seeing them crush their levels.

Here's my graph for last 500 games.

And overview.

For the last 3-4 days games at $20/$30 have been filling pretty consistantly, I have only had a few $50's however I think thats just becuase I have been playing earlier in the days.

My setup is still not complete, I looked at some 30" monitors that I am considering again however at the price I will be very dispointed if I dont get a few years MIN out of them! The 3 monitor setup is just not as cool.

I have not had Starbucks in 3 weeks now, I purchased an espresso machine for my office and really am very pleased with it. It's a Nespresso so I have to special order the Espresso but it's well worth the price and convienience of having the machine next to my desk, granted I think my Coffee intake has increased to avg 6-7 cups/day..

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