Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Update..

Been grinding it out pretty good this month even with everything I have on my plate. poker wise it's been great. Been playing a ton of HU Limit Holder as usual and crushing it as usual. It has been somewhat frustrating waiting for games at the higher stakes. I have taken on a few guys to coach and help out with their games - It also helps me to be able to talk through hands and situations with fellow players so is a win-win!

I broke down and hand to play some live poker a few weeks ago - Was feeling the itch not so much to play live but just to use poker chips vs. mouse.. Was fun for a while however I have discovered a serious flaw in my live game - I have zero patience anymore, used to be that I could sit and play for hours with excellent patience. I guess all the online poker over the last year has stolen that once useful talent, Just like my days at the Wynn I found myself looking for heads-up games vs. anyone waiting to play or trying to convince the floor to allow me to play 2 tables, neither endeavor was successful.

My 30" monitor has been having serious problems lately, screen keeps going black, I power down then turn it back on and the screen returns for 25 seconds then goes black again - annoying! I have not had very good luck with large screen monitors!! Every monitor I ever owned under 26" has never given me one problem. I have decided to multi-monitor and have purchased 3 22's. Hopefully I will be as happy working with these although I miss my giant screen! There are numerous benefits to 3 monitors though so hopefully they will grow on me.

Chris is always on me to blog more for the site, I get it but I just don't have much interesting to blog about - I play poker, everyday.... not much to say past that. I have decided to start writing about my past days of poker debauchery. It's funny to me how much poker has changed in what is a very short period of time.

Makes me feel old to have to write about "back in my day we played stud primarily" ewe!

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