Monday, September 28, 2009

AP #1 Withdraw Method BLACKJACK!

So, both Lou and myself had small amounts on AP of which was doing us no good since A) Were both primarily playing HULHE sng's. B) AP sng format sucks!

When I told Lou I was just going to request a check for my $126 he suggested shipping me his $15 to add to my withdraw and we'd both be AP free.

Sucks for Lou since MIN PLAYER TRANSFER = $20

I suggest shipping him $20 so he can ship me $35 so I can request check at a fee of $8
We decide our best course of action at this point is to play blackjack as withdrawing $100k must be easier than under $200 right?............. Right? Of course! Anywho..

Lou's $15 lasted apprx 3 hands of which were not very exciting. My $126 shot like a rocket up to $190 in about 30 minutes then plummeted to $15 within the next 2.5 minutes..

I have to say that of all withdraw methods that I have encountered over countless sites AP's BlackJack is among the most reliable. No wait - No worry. I wait sometimes 8 business days to recieve a check from FTP, Wire transfers take 2 days but cost $40

AP only has one method being BLACKJACK however there is no fee associated and your funds are removed in less than 45 minutes AT THE MOST!!

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