Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Hate Poker

So, I have played a few completely exhausting sessions of live poker here in Phoenix this week. To start I hit CAZ's $20/40 LHE - within ~30 mins Im stuck $860... Sweet. Play 5 hours and end ~$155

Next it's Gila River. A friend had called and said there was going to be a $15/30 Omaha hi/lo Sweeeeet! When I get there I'm 5th name on interest list and the others are not wanting to start short handed so I begged and convinced them that It would never run if we dont start it.. We start 5 handed and within 30 mins Im stuck ~$375 another guy loses $500 and decides to quit - Just as I expected the other guys sat out - No Game now.. So only games going are $3/6 $4/8 and $6/12 hold'em so fuck-it Im playing the kiddie table - I Played the $6/12 for what felt like 32 hours - come to find out it was only 5 and managed to get un-stuck plus $30 brand new dollars Sweeeet!

So, Sunday I will be back to old faithful ($20/40 LHE at CAZ) Where I plan to sit out the first 30 mins..


I hate u!

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