Saturday, February 27, 2010

H.U.D Stats..

So I thought it best to get something posted that everybody could come back to. Here is a snap shot of my HUD layout and I will go over what these stats are and what we can learn from them.

Player: Hands: FoldBB: (fold big blind) VPsb: (Volume put in pot from small blaind) this is a very important stat as we cal clearly see by this opp playing 90% of his buttons he is being somewhat selective as to what hands he plays. We use this stat along with the following PFRsb: (Pre-flop raise from small blind/button) to determine the strength of his button raises, as we see this opp is only opening for a raise 23% of the 90% that he decides to play. This is a tight raising range that can be easily exploited.
3Bbb: (3-bet BB pre-flop) This snap shot was taken from an Omaha game therefore the % will be much lower than what you would see in Hold’em.. My 3-Bet% would be somewhere in the range of 10-18% depending on opponent. We also use this to gauge hand strength of our opponents when they 3-bet pre-flop, at 10% which I would assume is completely un-balanced until I’m shown otherwise is going to be very tight, pocket pairs and K10 – AK..
C/Raise: (Check raise) the following 3 numbers represent each street.
C-Bet: (Continuation bet)
FoldCB: (Fold to C-bet) This is another stat that I will use to determine overall strategy, against this opponent I will be c-betting 100% on flop, 75% on turn and I will fire the river anytime I bet the turn to take advantage of the 37% river fold.
WTSD: (Went to show-down) Far more useful in HE to determine your opponents show-down range.
F2donk: (fold to donk bet)
F2FCBR: (fold to flop c-bet raise) F2FCB3: (fold to flop c-bet /3bet)
F2R: (fold to raise) Donk: (by street)
Aggression: (by street)
LimpC: (limp call) LimpF: (limp fold) LimpRR: (limp (re-raise)

I’ll be happy to answer any questions here about what these stats represent if anyone has any questions..

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