Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vegas: Pics Inside!

What a great trip, poker-wise this trip sucked.. Definitely My 10 handed game was rusty and I should have spent some time getting back in the groove prior to arriving. to be fair for the stakes played my results were pretty pointless up or down this amount, However losing is always frustrating and particularly when your opponents are incredibly weak and predictable..

Ok, so to the awesome-ness of Team Moshman!!

As Collin was playing $2/5 NL at Venetian I noticed Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe walk in the room.. I had been seeing Teddy every time I visited Venetian playing $8/16 Limit Hold'em.. Lou had the distinct honor of playing with the Iceman himself a few days prior. I was jealous having never sat a world class limit holdem player myself.. Anyway, Like myself Collin was very much wanting to meet the man behind the diamond headphones. I finally found the nerve to approach "The Iceman" before he took his seat and asked if he would be so kind as to meet my group and take a few pics, Of course I mentioned Collin Moshman author of two best-selling poker books would be among my group. Teddy mentions as we walk that he himself is writing a book and its going to be the best-selling book of all time, this was the most exciting news I'd heard in a very long time.. "The Iceman" was gracious enough to not only take several pictures with our group but also tell us many of the projects he is currently working on and even hinted that we could be part of it.. I assume only financially involved as I can not imagine how we could bring anything to "Iceman Productions" and obviously "The Iceman" can burn more dollars than our group could put together so A real honor to even be offered such an opportunity..

Here are the pictures from this most historical event:

IMG00128-20100209-2339 (37)

IMG00130-20100209-2339 (39)

IMG00131-20100209-2340 (40)

Such an awesome experience..

After which we decided to go to dinner at Grande Lux I snapped a few pics to share..

Katie enjoying a fruit cocktail on a stick:

IMG00115-20100208-0215 (24)

We flip quarters to see who will sit next to Vandweller, He constantly molests his table mates:
IMG00117-20100208-0216 (26)

The two brits Kevin "lovejoy" and Simon "Is it time to eat yet" Galloway:

IMG00118-20100208-0225 (27)

Here we see the eating habits of the British is far differant, I decided it best not to post the pics from desert:

IMG00119-20100208-0225 (28)

We all lost the "can he fit the whole thing in his mouth" bet :(

IMG00120-20100208-0228 (29)

So I keep getting asked, "What is Grind4Moniez like in real life? :

IMG00125-20100208-0230 (34)

The next night we visit the gourmet steak house (Hugo's Cellar) Lou, Aaron, Katie, Collin and Simon Enjoy Cognac and cigars after the meal:

IMG00138-20100210-2217 (46)

C.C roulette for the bill:

IMG00133-20100210-2200 (41)

Simon takes his first loss of the trip in..:

IMG00134-20100210-2200 (42)

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