Saturday, January 30, 2010

Running Below EV, Grind4Moniez and our Growing Team & Vegas

A real blog this time guys!

So this week has been very frustrating poker wise as I'm running like shit.. Small sample of sngs, but still...


Cash games have been ok although action has really slowed. down.


I have decided I needed more help coaching as my current group of students has grown and I have several possible candidates coming on board soon.

coaching is something that I really enjoy and take very serious, seeing my students progress and become winners themselves is very awesome! I have the privalage now of having one of my first students coach along side me, "Grind4Moniez" will now be working with me in the coaching my stable..

I have total confidence in his abilities in heads-up limit holdem. Having Lou going over HH's and sessions will allow us to collaborate on what area's need most improvement. this is also going to allow me more personal time with each student and also I can produce more videos each week.

I have setup a private forum board for my group to go over hands, post discussions or just brag about their results. Being able to interact with others that are learning the same game and trying to improve is a huge advantage!

On Tuesday I will be leaving for Vegas where I will be shacked up at Bellagio for 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to this trip (and my current online results are helping me in this regard) It seems like forever since I played some live poker so tomorrow I'm hitting the tables for at least a few hours just to brush-up on my live game skillz..


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